Virginia PTA has been empowering our members to advocate for their students and schools at the national, state and local level for almost 100 years. This process starts with YOU and YOUR ISSUE!

Every fall, we send out our Proposed Legislative Program (PLP) to all our members and they vote on new legislative positions. All our positions must be approved by our membership. 


This helps us build a relevant and current legislative program. Feel free to post and circulate too!

If you have a concern related to our schools or if you just want to find out if we have a legislative position to support you, please send an email to We will help you determine if it has statewide impact, write the position and possibly incorporate it into our PLP so we can get to work on MAKING CHANGE!

Part of the PTA’s threefold mission is to speak on behalf of all children and youth before governmental bodies and other organizations. For over 100 years, PTA volunteers have used their time, energy, experience and knowledge to bring about changes in laws, policies and programs for the benefit of children.

In order to maintain a nonprofit status under federal rules, the Virginia PTA is nonpartisan and works to direct its efforts at members of both political parties in order to enact change. When PTA officers or lobbyists participate in legislative activities that educate lawmakers about officially adopted PTA positions, or support a particular piece of legislation that is in agreement with the PTA Legislative Program, it is done on a strictly nonpartisan basis. 


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FCPS FY 2019 Budget Recap

The FY 2019 Advertised Budget of $2.9 billion is an increase of 4.9 percent, or $118.9 million over the FY 2018 Approved Budget. The FY 2019 budget includes an additional $53.1 million as part of a multi-year plan to enhance teacher salaries and make them more competitive, and $43.9 million for a step increase for all eligible employees. The School Board will conduct a budget work session on May 14, hold public hearings on May 15 and May 16 (if needed), and adopt the Approved Budget on May 24. Fiscal year 2019 begins on July 1. 


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