2019 Staff Appreciation Week, May 6 - May 10:  We're Wild About Our HES Staff - Thanks for Helping Us Soar!


Hi! All,

We're looking forward to our first banner night tomorrow, Tuesday April 23, from 6pm-8pm in the HES Cafeteria!


1.  We're asking room parents to take the lead on coordinating the banner for your classroom teacher.  If you're not able to do this or would like help (the more, the merrier), please reach out to other parents to see if they can assist, and feel free to contact me with any questions.  Also, here's the signupgenius to let us know when you're joining in on banner night, or if you'll be working on it at home; feel free to send to your class parents and also check to see if others have offered to assist with the same teacher so that you can work together. A second banner night will be held Wednesday, May 1.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b45abad2ca2fa7-hesstaff   


2.  Our theme this year is: We're Wild About Our HES Staff - Thanks for Helping Us Soar!  If you'd like ideas for creating your teacher's banner, you can ask them these questions:

  • What's your favorite animal? 

  • What's your favorite outdoor activity? (camping, hiking, s'mores, etc.)

  • What's your favorite local park? (Huntley Meadows, Hidden Pond, etc.)

3. Note that there are many different colors of poster paper outside the Art Room door (Room 115) that you're welcome and encouraged to take from to make your banner. You can go to the Art Room to pick up during school hours, or you can also choose tomorrow evening.

4. We will have some supplies and printed pictures of all staff for you to use for making your banner. Bring additional supplies if you have a specific idea that you're planning to work on.

5. Please include IAs on your classroom teacher banner (that work in your student's class), unless you plan to make a separate one for each.  


6. We create banners for all teachers and staff, not just for grade level teachers, so if you're extra crafty and would like to assist, with additional banners, we'd love your help!  You'll find all of staff's names in the link to signup:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b45abad2ca2fa7-hesstaff     

7.  As we get closer to May, we'll share more information about this fun week, including Favorite Things Day on Tuesday, May 7, when students can participate by bringing in notes of thanks and small gifts of appreciation for teachers and staff!


8. Here are upcoming events for this year's Staff Appreciation Week to share with your class, and signups to participate!  


April 23, 6-8pm Banner Making Workshop for Staff Appreciation Week

May 1, 6-8pm Banner Making Workshop for Staff Appreciation Week

May 6 - May 10, Staff Appreciation Week:  We're Wild about our HES Staff - Thanks for helping us Soar!


Banner Workshops: Tuesday, April 23 and Wednesday, May 1 at 6 - 8pm



Picnic Lunch featuring Burton's: Monday, May 6 at 10am



Rise 'n Shine Breakfast: Wednesday, May 8 at 7am



Wildly Wonderful Take Home Dinner: Friday, May 10 at 2pm



Thanks so much for your help with this project! Any questions, please let us know.


PTA Staff Appreciation Week Committee

Melanie Forshey, Marily Grotz, Diane Yaeger





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